Program Length:  3 months+

Location: ONLINE so you can join our team from wherever you are in the world! 

Admissions Req: Currently enrolled in high school: 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. Shoot us a quick email at Attach a resume if you have one handy, but mostly just let us know why you’d like to explore becoming an intern with us!

Highlight: Hey, speaking of unique internship opportunities — how about getting your co-op hours in with a really rad non-profit dedicated to helping students like you navigate their post-high school plans? We at building-u are always looking for high school students to join our crew in collecting some of the awesome programs, opportunities, and scholarships out there and organizing them in an easy-to-search database that can spark ideas and motivate plans. As an R & D intern, you’ll get experience and guidance doing compressed writing within a time-frame, meet weekly with our R&D staff ninja’s to practice and hone your research and oral communication skills, and along the way you’ll be exposed to all sorts of one-of-a-kind programs that may just give you some direction as you map out your own future.  And if you’re a social media junkie, we could use your skills in getting the word out about our resource database and exciting events through our instagram, snapchat, and facebook pages as well!
AND Newsflash! Beyond

Resource R&D (team of 12 students who work in small teams to research and write-up the programs we feature)

We are proud to offer opportunities for high school students to be part of ALL teams that help build building-U! Here is an overview of our other teams :

Student Ambassadors (team of 10 students — working on a combination team interview/ networking initiative atm which we have turned into a YouTube series called building-U: Behind the Business)
Marketing (team of 6-8 students that helps develop, implement, and analyzes various external marketing  text and visual ad campaigns through Google Ads and starting with YouTube, as well)
Blog Squad (team of 3-5 students that selects and explores particular current issues, conducts surveys and/or hosts open discussion with invited expert guests — which we have started  turning into podcasts (Down to U Discussions) — and writes articles (jointly) for our Blog (Down to Uand
Front End and Back End Coding 2 teams (soon-to-be-combined to 1) of very committed and interested students who learn about website and database development through exposure and work in the following languages and syntaxes: Laravel, PHP, React, Angular, HTML, CSS. Bootstrap, WordPress, and SAAS — and then work individually or in smaller teams to apply them appropriately to small and specific front end and back end projects within the 2 larger contexts of 1) a migration of the building-U website and 2) a redesign of our annual virtual game $4YT (Dollars 4 Your Thoughts)
Business and Development team of 8 students that works on cultivating partnerships with warm leads –people and organizations we already know or who know us– and organizing data around all teams’ current and projected initiatives to use in determining, developing, and diversifying funding streams)
Social Media Content and Analytics small team of 2 leads expanding to add 2 students create digital content for social media platforms — Instagram, FB, Linked IN, and Tik Tok; integrates with R&D, Marketing, and Business and Dev Teams
Blockchain Research and Node Development (just starting!)

Teams are made up of students from not only the US and Canada, but from all over the world!

Beyond specific team project skills, students build essential teamwork and communication skills, and are always invited to join in on other team meetings to contribute ideas to other projects —  building knowledge integration skills as well!

Check’em out and apply!

Financial: FREE with high potential for a great reference!

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